Jon and Josh led parallel careers for over 15 years in construction and real estate, respectively. After they realized their shared love of home revitalization, they chose to intersect their experience with the creation of American Home Investors, LLC. Their partnership plays on their strengths and has been an incredible tool in developing their growth opportunities. Both Jon and Josh have a passion to work hard on distressed homes, to turn them into beautifully rejuvenated homes. They take it one step further with deeply distressed homes. They can do a quick close and they offer to finish cleaning out the home at no additional cost. They recognize the role they can play in helping families with the next stages of life. For example, helping adult children with the difficult task of deciding how to handle the sale of their parents’ home. American Home Investors, LLC, prioritizes family above all else and recognizes the importance a house plays in familial life. Give them a call to make your house a home!   

Additional Services


  • Movers
  • Attorney/Probate
  • Estate Sales
  • Assisted Living/Nursing Home Referrals
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Josh and Jon


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